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75Inch Digital Signage Kiosk
Full Screen Vertical Advertising Display

75 Inch Full Screen Vertical Display Signage Kiosk

We are proud to be the pioneers in introducing the unique vertical free-standing kiosk in the MENA region. Harness the full potential of your display advertisements with our innovative solution.

75inch Digital Signage Full Screen Vertical Display
Pixlac Brand, 4K Display, Professional Grade, Free Standing,
24/7 Operation Support. Cloud Playback, 1 Year Cloud CMS Subscription,
HDMI Input, 500 Nits Brightness, 1 Year Warranty.

Used as
* Hotel Reception Kiosk
* Exibition Stand Display Kiosk
* Resturant Menu Display Kiosk
* Building Office Entrance Kiosk

Download 75 Inch Full Screen Kiosk Brochure

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